RP Column Comparison and Selection made Easy

  • independent, self-performed measurements
  • strict criteria, intuitive operation
  • expanded and updated regularly

Compare 147 columns in terms of similarity / distinction as well as suitability for the separation of certain analyt types.

Only for you or for many…

Single-user, laboratory/department, company and world license; for PC, Laptop, Tablet/Smartphone

Intuitive software navigation

With 2-3 clicks you get important information, e.g.: physico-chemical data of the columns, brief information about the chemical character and properties of each column, selection recommendations and much more.

Also detailed info

If you like, you can also find more detailed information, e.g. "New project - how do I find the right column and the right solvent"?

At one glance…

In the compact information you will find answers to questions such as "Which are the most hydrophobic phases, which are the most polar? Or you can directly use the “RP-Column-Finder” for the specific information

  • “Comparison” and “Selection” are the two most important functions of the tool. The (direct) comparison of columns should be interesting in routine operation: I have problems with my current column and “I am looking for an alternative column to…“ In method development, the focus is more on finding a suitable column: “I am looking for a column that…“
  • The bar charts are well suited for a quick info: Columns for “best” hydrophobic, steric, aromatic, polar selectivity.
  • Selectivity web charts allow quasi as pictograms a direct, optical comparison of columns.
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  • Colona “Company World” (unlimited number of active users, world)

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  • Colona “Single User”

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