HPLC Courses Comparison and selection of RP and HILIC columns
Comparison and selection of RP and HILIC columns

Training overview

In the course, knowledge is imparted to constrict columns. The main columns in the market are in groups according to certain criteria associated with similar properties. The columns are compared and their suitability for certain substance classes by means of numerous examples will be discussed

Training content

  • Recommendations for a suitable column portfolio depending on the separation problem
  • Same basic material, but a slightly different bonding; what is the consequence, how do I deal with it?
  • Which column shows the best selectivity with methanol and which with acetonitrile?
  • If this column is unsuitable for my separation problem, this one has a good chance of success
  • Which form of polar functionality should I choose: polar group at the side chain, hydrophilic endcapping, shorter alkyl chain, pentafluorophenyl, a positive charge or a non endcapping phase?
  • Sub 2 μm, Core Shell or monoliths?
  • Presentation and commentary on the recently launched RP, Core Shell, Multi-Mode and HILIC columns

Target audience

  • Experienced HPLC users, we strongly recommend the previous one visit to the „HPLC for advanced users“

Training objectives

  • Decision support for the selection of RP and HILIC columns