HPLC Courses HPLC Basic Course

HPLC Basics for Beginners incl. Troubleshooting

Training overview

This 2-days-course has several targets: First of all it is suitable for beginners in HPLC; secondly, HPLC-users having worked an HPLC in the routine so far, get some background for understanding their daily work better. This interactive training includes specific exercises and tutorials to ensure that the basic knowledge concerning HPLC is learnt profoundly. A further topic is how to recognise whether validated methods are robust or even not. The participants learn to detect and understand simple variances and are able to derive the right action for their daily work

Training content

  • The principle and the target of HPLC – qualitative and quantitative
  •  Influence of column length, flow, column packing, mobile phase, temperature etc. on the chromatogram
  •  RP-chromatography, principle and legalities
  • What does: “Supersil”, ODS II e, 100, 5, 125 x 4,6 mean?
  • The HPLC-apparatus – what do the single devices effect?
  • “Simple” but important hand grips like “how to flush and store the column?” or “does the ghost peak come from the sample, the eluent or the needle?“
  • Troubleshooting on the basis of typical symptoms
  • What is “tabu” managing a HPLC-system and which actions have to be considered?
  • Tutorials and exercises concerning deviations in the practical experience compared to the theoretical forecast
  • Methods which are validated, long term used but not robust: A critical glance on the method description

Target audience

  • Beginners and HPLC-users with little knowledge

Training objectives

  • With the help of the learned aspects concerning HPLC, the participants can carry out HPLC-seperations systematically and competently