Efficiency/Costs saving

Efficiency/Costs saving

Costs saving and time pressure will never cease. My colleagues and me offer adequate support and solutions to manage such situations in the pharmaceutical industry, medical devices and cosmetic manufacturing branches. We are a practical-oriented team with long experience, not only in small analytical labs but also in big QC units and industrial production.

“Efficiency in the analytical Lab”

A common situation

Restricted personnel resources, organization changes (fusions, outsourcing), urgent orders, unexpected events etc. result in a permanent time and costs pressure. The methods of the classic business consultancy, like Overhead Value Analysis or Variable Factor Programming for example do not really help in the lab and in the pharmaceutical manufacturing.

That can be our contribution

We are a team of chemists working for long time in the pharmaceutical industry, in special in terms of costs reduction, efficiency improvement and optimization of processes and interfaces. We have been cooperating with international groups and medium-size companies as well. The main difference compared to classic business consultancy is surely due to the fact that we observe the processes in the lab and environment with the eyes of a skilled chemist. The team members are experienced professionals as Lab leader, Qualified Person, QA manager, Production, Regulatory Affairs.

Description of our support service

Our support is flexible and individually conceived. Simply said, the aim is to increase the efficiency in the Quality organization or Lab itself by measuring first such efficiency parameters like Turnover/Lab costs budget or Turnover/ Quantity of Investigations or Costs/ Quantity of Investigations. Those figures have to be optimized. To realize it we start by taking a picture of the quality unit or Lab with regard to activities/amount of work with special focus on transparency and quantitation of few easy comprehensible figures. In this way, potential improvements can be easily visualized.

Our procedure comprises the following steps:

• Survey by our own developed method
• First evaluation of the survey
• Discussion with the attendees
• Presentation of the final evaluation including proposals and alternatives
• Implementation of the proposals for improvement (optional)

A dedicated offer for the implementation of de proposed measures will be sent to the contract giver. Besides German and English language we offer also the support in Spanish and French