HPLC Courses Method development and optimization of HPLC
Method development and optimization of HPLC for experienced users

Training overview

This 1-day-course has a clear target: The knowledge of tools for a fast and competent HPLC-optimisation. A common situation: Experienced users know the most parameters of influence and tricks for optimisation in HPLC. Sometimes something is missing, but it is important because of time-saving: approved strategies for systematically planning and efficient carry out of optimizing chromatography.
Exactly for this case we have developed this course. We give tools and hints to the attendants for an effective realization of several optimisation strategies.

Training content

  • Apparative and chromatographic terms for: better resolution, faster chromatography, robust methods, bigger toughness, convenient results, rate of costs and time, lower detection limit, …
  • What kind of chromatographic parameters are relevant for what targets?
  •  What I do really need: Better selectivity, more plates, larger peak capacity, or “just” resolution?
  • Strategies of optimisation for: acids, bases, polar substances, neutral substances, isomers, etc.
  • HPLC-crux: similar structures, similar polarities, similar molecular weight –
    what to do?
  • Unorthodox but successful ways
  • Fast separations: U(H)PLC, sub2μ, Fused Core etc.- a critical comparison
  • The “5-step strategy” for selective and robust methods
  • Check-lists for a quick optimisation during daily lab-work
  • Discussing special separation-problems

Target audiance

  • Advanced users, minimum experience 2 years

Training objectives

  • Getting tools to recognize clearly, how to optimize in this case – why and for what purpose