HPLC Courses Advanced HPLC

HPLC for Advanced Users incl. Troubleshooting

Training overview

This training has been established for participants that are already experienced in HPLC. Focus of the training is to go into details on the aspects that are important for you to manage your daily requirements: Pragmatic approaches for quick optimization, understanding of the background, troubleshooting. The “what” and “why” will be trained in groups on the basis of real cases. A classic course for years now…

Training content

  • Capacity, selectivity or efficiency – what do I really need for a good resolution? their influence on the separation
  • Stationary phases: column types, description for use, “best” column suitable for your individual separation problem, new stationary phases – pros and cons
  • Gradient elution – a step towards optimization?
  • Method development – recommendations for quick solutions
  • Pros and cons for UHPLC, Core Shell, Monoliths, Fast LC, Sub 2 µm particles etc.
  • Peak shape – an indicator for errors
  • Chemical tailing; the challenge of separating polar substances
  • What information can be gathered from a chromatogram – learning to “read” the chromatogram!
  • How to find and eliminate errors
  • Tests and “how-to-do”-lists for daily lab-work

Target audience

  • Advanced HPLC-users, minimum experience: 1 year

Training objectives

  • Getting familiar with a systematic and economic approach within HPLC in your everyday work

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