General information

All courses are intensive, interactive courses with a lot of group work, exercises and “HPLC-games”. Copious scripts will be delivered as PDF. The optimun number of participants for the courses is 12-16, the maximum  is up to 24.

Step I
1 or 2-day courses.

Here one learns HPLC systematically and thoroughly (“Requisite HPLC-Know-How”)

Step III

These are suitable for really experienced HPLC-users too; recommended to be visited after step I or step II.


Here the topics you can combine in order to create your own individual workshop:

  • How to integrate and rate chromatograms correctly?
  • HPLC especially in the pharma
  • Review of homogeneity of peaks
  • Tips and hints for a successful method transfer
  • Sample preparation – how to avoid mistakes, how to find errors?
  • How to prove effective the robustness of HPLC-methods?
  • Comparison of different HPLC/UHPLC – conclusions and solutions
  • Role and influence of pH-value and buffer in RP-HPLC

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