HPLC Courses HPLC Especially for Users in QC-Labs

HPLC for Routine Users in Quality Control Labs

Training overview

This 1-day-course has a clear target: It is designed for HPLC-users who have sufficient practical experience and work with established HPLC-methods. Normally it is only permitted to change only very few things concerning established methods. Participants of this course learn to detect and interpret the reasons for possible deviations quickly and confidently. Furthermore, it will be learnt how to gain reproducible results. This interactive training includes specific exercises and tutorials. The participants learn to evaluate the extent of variances – intended or unintended -referring to sample preparation, the method itself and the reporting correctly

Training content

  • Which kind of chromatographic parameters are relevant for which targets?
  • What is influenced by which parameters? Instrumental and methodic effects on the chromatogram
  • Which are the basic requirements for reproducible results in the routine?
  • System Suitability Test (SST) o.k. – but nevertheless retention time / resolution / plate number are not within the specifications – how can I detect the reason quickly?
  • Validated methods – in which cases there might be problems in the routine anyway?
  • What can be changed in established methods to achieve the required resolution?
  • Which deviations can be accepted and why?
  • What should be considered if methods are to be transferred?
  • Recommendations for the daily routine

Target audience

  • Experienced HPLC-routine users

Training objectives

  • Impart knowledge, how to apply established HPLC-methods in routine confidently and how to detect reasons for deviations quickly

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