Troubleshooting and Error Prevention in HPLC
Troubleshooting and Error Prevention in HPLC

Training overview

The HPLC user is provided with tools for systematic error detection and assessment. The course has been completely redesigned and now contains even more practical examples that are clearly explained! You will pass on practical experience to you that is otherwise hardly available in this form. These are methodological errors that creep into the everyday life of HPLC, regardless of the type of device. The learning is practiced on the basis of real chromatograms and cases from practice in group work

Training content

  • Errors in methodology – the problem of robustness in the HPLC
  • The chromatogram: „blood count“ for the events in the HPLC system
  • How can I interpret any errors – from sample preparation to detection?
  • How can I judge mistakes and systematically limit them?
  • Which mistakes are the most common and which are the most „unpleasant“?
  • What information can I find in the chromatogram?
  • Strategies if it does not work out every time: Is it the column, the device or me?
  • Group work for quick interpretation of mistakes, easy ways to eliminate them, and tips on how to avoid typical mistakes in the future

Target audience

  • HPLC users with a practical experience of at least one year, who should independently understand HPLC problems and solve them.

Training objectives

  • Systematically learn how to avoid mistakes, recognize them and finally eliminate them