Enjoy HPLC – learn with joy!
Enjoy HPLC – learn with joy!

Training overview

This intensive training appeals to experienced HPLC users, with the motto being „Learning with fun“, „Fun with learning“. The course is divided into four blocks, the main topics are: „Optimization“, „Troubleshooting“, „Columns“, „Eluent“. First, there is a compact repetition of important principles, „to do“ / „don’t“ rules, as well as „symptom cause“ examples. Afterwards the respective learning contents are practiced with „funny“ exercises, new „competitions“ and all sorts of „games“ – altogether four times. What has been learned is memorably memorized by the novel transfer of knowledge and is later easily retrievable in everyday life. A very special training for HPLC-Experts!

Training content

  • „Are you doing HPLC (High Pleasure Liquid Chromatography) or UHPLC (Under High Pressure Chromatography)?“ The pro´s and con´s
  • „Thick and short, thin and long, small and round“ – how strong do the column properties influence resolution, peak shape and peak area
  • „Do not just look at the surface, go inside …“ – are the changes in this chromatogram due to a change in the surface of the stationary phase or in the quality of the packaging structure?
  • „Should we really resemble each other?“ How importance is the difference between solvent and eluent?
  • „I’ll unlock your secrets“ – maximum information from the chromatogram
  • Numerous case studies and backgrounds

Target audience

  • Experienced HPLC users with many years of practical HPLC experience, ideal for visitors to the course „HPLC for Advanced Users“ and „Troubleshooting and Error Prevention in HPLC“

Training objectives

  • Learning of important HPLC content in a new way!